Netflix Top 10 Movies Reflects Older Titles Along Side New Entries

A quick look at Netflix’s top 10 movies for the week of January 9-15 reveals that for Netflix viewers, it’s not all about the latest and the greatest. While its top four titles were all released at the tail end of 2022 or in the case of number four “Dog Gone” January 2023 movies as old as 2007’s Daddy Daycare made it into the Netflix’s top ten viewed movies. The service lends itself to this kind of viewing. It has famously saved network shows that had been canceled by networks, such as Manifest, and made hits out of other service’s concepts as it did with Cobra Kai and even Morbius a second life.

The service also works as a sort of barometer for pop culture. For instance, two of Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers movies made the top 10. It’s probably no coincidence that a new Transformers movie and two new Transformers series have debuted in the past few months. So it appears that the fandom decided to revisit older related titles in Netflix’s library. Overall this is the beauty of streaming and on-demand viewing. The content is always there waiting to be enjoyed again.

Older Movies in the top 10

10. Leap Year (2010)

9. Transformers, Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

8. Daddy Daycare (2007)

7. Trolls (2016), Life (2017)

6. Life (2017)

5. Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon (2011)

Current movies in the top 10

1. Dec, The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker (2022)

2. Dec, The Pale Blue Eye (2022)

3. Sept, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

4. Jan, Dog Gone (2023)