New AR Program Could Change The Game For Streaming

Nreal, a leading AR glasses company, today announced it will be advancing its native AR cloud gaming experiences with a beta release of “Steam on Nreal”. In addition, Nreal will kick off its first hackathon event, the AR Jam, on June 27th with $100,000 in cash prizes. 

AAA games are the love of many gaming enthusiasts, but they are restrictive in mobility as they require sizable display devices to enjoy the optimal gaming experience. Nreal’s AR glasses offer a mobile companion for game lovers. Users can already enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming on both the Nreal Light and Nreal Air via browser access inside Nebula, Nreal’s 3D system. With “Steam on Nreal”, gamers can now stream Steam games from their PC to Nreal’s AR glasses. While the current beta release requires a bit of setup effort and is not optimized for all Steam games, gamers can enjoy popular hits like DiRT Rally and the entire Halo series. 

“We are excited to be the first to bring Steam into AR,” said Peng Jin, co-founder of Nreal. “The beta release is meant to give people a glimpse into what is possible. After all, AAA games should be played on a 200″ HD screen and they should be played free of location restrictions.” 

As its install base grows, Nreal plans to enhance its developer community efforts with its first AR Jam, an online international contest set to attract creative and passionate AR developers. The event will kick off on June 27 and will offer more than $100,000 in cash prizes. In addition, Nreal is in the process of setting up a dedicated content fund to aid AR content development. 

“We’ve always been focused on creating consumer-ready AR experiences with groundbreaking tech, to redefine the way we interact with information and content in our everyday lives. With the AR Jam and content fund, Nreal is demonstrating its commitment to supporting pioneering developers and their AR passion projects,” said Peng Jin, co-founder of Nreal. 

Developer teams can compete in one of the following categories: at-home fitness; art; games; video, for taking advantage of Nebula’s multi-screen functionality; and Port, for converting existing apps into an AR environment. There are also three bonus categories in the areas of Multiplayer/Social/Networks; NFT Galleries; and Students. 

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