New Deal For Virtual Reality Streaming In Metaverse

 Thunder Studios and Infinite Reality have entered into a strategic alliance with social media ecommerce platform Display Social, better known as the “social that pays,” to empower the global creator economy in the metaverse and bring cutting edge virtual production tools to user-generated live content broadcast in the metaverse. Infinite Reality’s photo-realistic metaverse technology will fuel Display’s highly-anticipated metaverse experiences for the burgeoning platform’s growing stable of content creators and curated communities.

“Our strategic alliance with Display Social enables us to empower content creators in the metaverse by combining the three categories where Gen Z and Millennial consumers spend 80% of their time on mobile devices- gaming, entertainment, and social media,” said Rodric David, CEO of Thunder Studios. “Soon, through the ‘always on’ Infinite Reality metaverse platform, any Display user will be able to collaboratively build immersive communities to entertain, interact, engage, and transact with others.”

With significant experience producing virtual live entertainment, Thunder and Infinite Reality have been developing proprietary metaverse technology and testing it through a series of beta experiences over the past 18 months, including The Infinite Playa for Virtual Burning Man in 2020 and 2021, CyberWurld NYE 2020, and the launch of Transformation Island, IR’s always on metaverse experience dedicated to human growth and wellness. The strategic alliance will produce customizable metaverse experiences as a new offering for Display’s rapidly growing user base following their successful DisplayFest virtual concert series in May that featured exclusive live performances from an all-star roster including Ice Cube, Saweetie, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross.

“The future is now, and with more than 7MM+ downloads since our 2021 summer launch and over a million monthly active users, Display Social is the leading advocate for content creators. We put them FIRST with the opportunity to earn an industry-leading 50% payout rate based on ad revenue from their content, and ability to create and earn from a customizable storefront. We have been working for nearly a year to figure out how to deliver a more experiential metaverse experience for our creators. This partnership will help our users cross between real and digital worlds. All the rules have changed. We will continue to keep creators and their ability to earn at the forefront of every partnership, and this partnership is a huge win for our creative community,” said John Acunto, co-founder and CEO of Display Social. “Partnering with Thunder Studios and Infinite Reality ensures the creator’s experience is limitless. The ability to offer high-end production and user experience is what makes this partnership so valuable to our creative community. This is only the beginning – so keep up!”

Infinite Reality creates photo-realistic metaverse experiences that combine the interactivity of a social network with the navigation of multiplayer online games. IR’s metaverse technology platform supports real-time video chat, interactive games, live-streaming content, e-commerce, NFT’s and much more in stunningly photorealistic environments. Infinite Reality’s most recent virtual experience “The Infinite Playa”, an official Virtual Burning Man Experience, featured the work of thousands of creators and included iconic art installations and camps. Participants, embodied in unique, customizable avatars, were able to interact in real time with other participants via video and text chat, while roving the photo-real, to scale, digital replica of the festival’s desert location and enjoy live-streamed performances, concerts, and talks.

As content creators increasingly expect social media platforms to treat them equitably, Display differentiates itself by rewarding creators based on advertising and affiliate revenue with creators and empowering them with built-in tools to enhance the creative processes and grow and engage their audiences. For more information, visit or download the Display Social app through Apple® App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices.