New Free Kids Streaming Channel For Cordcutters


IRVINE, CA —XUMO, a pioneer in streaming television and media entertainment, today announced the launch of FREE Kids TV, a new dedicated channel bringing over 40 different series of kid-focused programming to its free, ad-supported streaming TV service.


FREE Kids TV delivers pop culture classics, like all four seasons of WildBrain’s Daytime Emmy Award-nominated Teletubbies and 14 seasons of Teen Choice Award-winner Degrassi: The Next Generation. Other WildBrain favorites on the channel include Rainbow Ruby and Rev & Roll. Beloved shows like Lottie Dottie Chicken from Legendary Entertainment, Raggs Nursery Rhymes from Dotstudioz, Zoomix from Indigenius, Elf Learning For Kids from Glewed TV, Gummy Bear from Imira Entertainment, and more will also be available for free on FREE Kids TV—channel 600 on the guide. The new channel complements XUMO’s wildly successful Kids & Family genre.


“As quarantine keeps our schools closed around the country, more than ever, families are still searching for new and engaging home entertainment options, and FREE Kids TV on XUMO is providing hundreds of hours of parent-approved content their children will love,” Stefan Van Engen, XUMO’s senior vice president of content partnerships and programming Our service is known for its high-quality programming and we continue to prioritize on-boarding premium, brand-safe streaming content for kids.”


“We’re delighted that our shows like Teletubbies and Degrassi: The Next Generation will be available to kids and families on XUMO,” noted Lara Ilie, vice president of rights strategy at WildBrain. “As one of the leading free, ad-supported streaming TV services, XUMO is an ideal partner to help us bring iconic WildBrain brands and series to viewers.”