New Tower For PC Gamers

XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announces the XPG CRUISER super mid-tower chassis. The CRUISER is a full-size E-ATX chassis that supports E-ATX motherboards with dimensions (H x W x D): 493 x 234 x 466mm (19.40 x 9.21 x 18.35 in). It also sports XPG’s Exoskeleton design and a host of other great features gamers and PC enthusiasts will love. They include versatile I/O ports, such as a high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C connection, a removable dust filter, and three XPG VENTO 120 ARGB fans, to name a few.

Exoskeleton Design with Tempered Glass Panels

XPG’s Exoskeleton design is a visual language unique to XPG. It maintains XPG’s signature balance between airflow intake efficiency and ARGB aesthetics. The XPG CRUISER’s front glass panel enhances airflow intake while allowing the included XPG VENTO 120 ARGB fans to shine through the front of the chassis. For convenience, a magnetic dust filter on the top of the chassis is detachable for quick removal and hassle-free cleaning.

Spacious Interior

XPG CRUISER’s power supply unit (PSU) chamber allows PSUs of up to 180mm in length while remaining compatible with both full modular and fixed PSU options. The combo drive trays can shift horizontally to make room for PSU cables. The XPG CRUISER has seven horizontal PCI-E slots and two vertical installation slots and supports graphic cards of up to 350mm (without a radiator at the front) in length.

Three XPG VENTO 120 ARGB Fans

VENTO 120 fans dissipate heat with 45.3 CFM of airflow. Despite this amazing cooling power, they put out a mere 23 dBA of noise for gaming without distractions. What’s more, VENTO fans are equipped with nine LEDs that are controllable via RGB software from major motherboard brands.

Versatile I/O Ports & Storage Options

XPG CRUISER offers an array of I/O ports such as a high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a Hybrid Audio Port, and an LED button with an onboard ARGB controller. It also supports various storage options, including up to two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs at the back of the chassis and two 2.5”/3.5” HDDs or SSDs in the combo drive storage bays.


XPG CRUISER will be available on Amazon and Shop XPG.


  • XPG CRUISER Super Mid-Tower Chassis /$129.99