New Weigel Channels Strengthen Philo Service

In a recent article on The Streaming Advisor, we compared Philo and FRNDLY, two popular low-cost streaming packages. It can be noted that one of the big differences between the two is that FRNDLY has been able to offer more over-the-air channels on its service than found on Philo, which sometimes even leads customers to get both services despite some of the duplicated content. That could soon be coming to an end. Philo appears to be working to change that differentiation bit by bit as the company has added Decades and Start TV, two of Weigel Broadcasting’s digital multicast networks, to its streaming channel lineup. Along with Sony’s Get TV the company is beginning to fill in the gaps between the two services.

The biggest differences between the two though are the number of general cable channels available through Philo VS FRNDLY and in relation to that, the overall cost. The good news for Philo customers is that the new channels are being added to Philo without a price hike.