NVIDIA Shield 8.0 update What’s New?

The NVIDIA Shield has a whole new look for anyone who has been lucky enough to get the Android Oreo update. The company is rolling out the new look for their devices which includes both new features that allow Plex users to use external hard drives for their servers and a big change up as to how users interact with the content from multiple streaming apps.

Big Changes include:

App-based content rows on the home page
Android 8.0 calls these rows “Channels” but they are shortcuts to content from apps that can be added to the Shield. Users can pick and choose which apps will get space on the home screen and even have none at all if they choose.

A darker look
The base background of Oreo is grey/black but as users click through different channel rows the background will change depending on the app row chosen.

A play next queue
The Play Next section will allow users to put things they want to get back to later in place for quick access. This can be used for anything from shows on Netflix to specific videos from YouTube. It can also interact with Plex.

Shortcut to all installed apps
Pressing the back button on the Shield remote will allow users to  display all of their installed apps including sideloaded ones.

Check out our video to see it all in action.