Only Fans Star Could Be Excommunicated

Holly Jane, well-known in certain circles as the wildly popular adult model who is sitting pretty amongst OnlyFans’ 1% of the most-wanted content creators, is in jeopardy of being excommunicated by the Mormon Church for daring to bare all on the racy social platform.

The widowed mother of four, who is also a rising star at Playboy’s online upstart Centerfold, is now going public with her personal story as a Mormon to help support those who may be struggling with their religious faith while being true to their sexual selves.

“Sexuality, particularly women’s sexuality, has never been something that the Mormon Church has ever celebrated, and that’s a shame,” says Jane. “I am proud to embrace both my religious faith and my open sexuality, without secrecy or hypocrisy to placate the Church.”

While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints specifically bans sexual activity outside of a heterosexual marriage, Jane believes that its strict doctrines, exclusionary/disciplinary practices and withdrawal of membership hearings for ‘moral sins’ will be the catalysts for its eventual downfall.

“I celebrate God and respect the teachings of the Church, which is why I regularly attend services, and will continue to go until they tell me I can’t… and even then, I will still go,” she adds. “Church membership is in decline, as many people don’t feel that their values are aligned with rigid, judgmental policies of a restrictive religion, and don’t want to be punished for living their lives.

“Maybe, instead of disciplining us or making us ‘obey’, perhaps the Church could simply leave us alone, stay out of our personal business and let us attend services and listen to your teachings without fear that the bishop is going to come up and say, ‘We need to have a chat…’”