Paramount+ Running 1 Dollar Special

It’s birthday time for the streaming service that will define the future of Paramount as it goes forward and it looks like they want to give potential viewers a present. Paramount+ is offering its service for $1.00 a month for three months of its basic commercial supported service. The premium plan is available for $2.00 a month for the same period. New users can go to the company website and sign up for the plan of their choice until Monday, March, 7.

The deal comes just ahead of the debut of the second season of Picard, the Star Trek-based series that follows Patrick Stewart’s Jean Luc Picard on a new adventure as he reclaims his honor within Star Fleet. Paramount+ is also home to other Star Trek streaming offerings, Star Trek Discovery, and the majority of the Star Trek films and past series. The service also offers access to other streaming exclusives along with access to current shows from CBS, MTV, BET, Comedy Central and the rest of the properties owned by the company formally known as ViacomCBS.