Peacock Adding New True Crime Show


Do you know how sometimes you read about something in the news and say that sounds like something from the TV show. Peacock is adding a new show to its lineup that takes the idea and puts it to use. The show Prime Crime, which is already going into production on the second season will drop its first season on the streamer.

The true crime series, produced by Law&Crime Productions, is hosted by attorney and Law&Crime anchor Jesse Weber. The series takes a deep dive into sinister high-profile crime stories, such as Samuel Little, the most prolific serial killer in US history, the story of Justin Ross Harris, the father who left his toddler to die in a hot car, and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the “sick” child who murdered her mother. The series is driven by the original video from each case including extensive police interrogation tapes, bodycam footage, 911 calls and in-court trial scenes. All 23 episodes of Season 1 are now available on-demand on Peacock.