People Are Getting Selective About Their Streaming Subs


Streaming has its limits in the imagination and budget of the public. When there were only a couple of major pay services it was relatively easy for people to have all of them. After all Netflix was less than $10.00 a month, Hulu was $5.99 and Amazon was already part of millions of homes if for nothing else than its shopping perks. But as more premium services have emerged and content has gotten more spread out people have had to make choices. And it has caused serious churn in the marketplace.

The industry study published by Blue Label Labs surveyed 1005 people in North America between the ages of 15 and 67, revealing which services households subscribe to and what has been canceled in the last year. It further examines the total amount each household spends on services and their sentiments as well as attitudes toward ads.

The survey conducted over the web between May 2022 and August 2022 also analyzes other dynamics between subscribers and providers.

  • The most canceled streaming service reported in the last year is Amazon Prime at 9.46%, followed by Netflix at 8.55% and Disney+ at 8.33%.
  • Most subscribers (37.42%) report canceling because a service goes unused, and the next most popular reason to cancel (25.88%) is because a service is too expensive.
  • Regarding ads, 51.98% will deal with ads to enjoy a lower price point, 18.81% will pay to remove ads, and 19.40% report deleting apps with ads.
  • Rather than use a paid streaming service, 22.42% of respondents report spending more time with YouTube’s free version, 17.49% spend more time on Instagram, and 14.16% use TikTok more frequently.