Plex HTPC App Ending

Plex has announced that it will be ending support for the Plex Media Player app built around the idea of using HTPCs (computers hooked to TVs for use a a media streamer). The announcement on the Plex blog explained that the majority of Plex users interact with the server via apps on Internet connected devices. Plex recently updated the apps for multiple devices in order to bring them all into the same uniform look. There seems to be some confusion though as to exactly what is happening with Plex on PC’s and Mac.

Can I still access Plex on a PC?

Yes. Plex has a new player designed for PC’s. The app is built around the new look with the vertical menu on the left and not altogether different from what was found in web applications already. So if users want to interact with Plex directly from a PC or Mac they still can. They will need to use a mouse though.

What is the difference between the Plex Media Player and the new “Plex” app for OC’s and Mac?

The Plex media player was designed with computers connected to TV’s in mind. While the new Plex app is designed to work on a PC more like a traditional PC program. How are they different. First off.

  1. No More Plex Channels
    The new Plex does not offer support for channels. Plex announced last year that it was dropping support for web channels on its platform and over time has been leaving them off of apps as they have updated. The change on the Plex app continues that trend.
  2. No TV Mode
    The new app does not have a TV mode. So there will no longer be a way to kind of knock out all the other menu stuff and use a nice big TV style interface.
  3. No More Remote Control Support
    Users cannot control the new app using arrow keys on a remote. The Plex media player can easily be controlled like any other TV based app using a remote control as opposed to requiring a keyboard. Even though it required a special remote connected to a computer it will allowed users to lean back and bounce around the Plex app. Those days will be ending. Luckily though most air mouse/remotes also include a cursor.

Is there still a way to Download the Plex Media Player?

Yes Plex still allows users to download the Plex Media Player though not as a direct link on their main website. See the link to download the Plex Media Player here