Plex Offering Special Savings And Info

Global streaming media platform Plex is celebrating its third-annual Pro Week, a week dedicated to educating its avid users on how to make the most of their personal media libraries. Whether you’re a personal media “newb” or seasoned expert, this year’s Pro Week covers a wide range of in-depth topics to help you take your movie and music collections to the next level.

During Pro Week, users will have access to in-depth sessions from industry experts both in and outside of Plex, with topics including –

“Server Upgrade 101” by Shannon Morse, Tech Content Creator

“The Great Docker Migration” by Kevin Wanke, Plex Director of Engineering

Plus, sneak peeks at new and soon-to-be-released features from Plex insiders

In honor of Pro Week, Plex is also offering all users the chance to upgrade to a Lifetime Plex Pass for a discount price of $95.99.

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Lifetime Plex Pass Benefits:


The Power to Download

Enjoy your media anywhere, no connection required. Plus, you’ll also get blazing speeds and playback reliability.

Skip Intro + Skip Credits

Binge better and get precious minutes of your life back by skipping through the opening & end credits in just two clicks.1

Exclusive Plexamp Features

Access members-only features including Sonic Sage, Downloads, and more in our music player made for audiophiles.

Multiple Edition Support

Keep multiple versions of the same movie within your library, each with its own unique UI element and watch state.

Hardware Transcoding

Convert and stream HD or 4K video more smoothly to more devices at once, even when you’re far from home.

Ultimate TV & DVR

With Plex Pass plus your tuner and antenna, you can watch, rewatch, and record your favorite HD broadcast content.