Pluto TV Bringing Cooking Tips New Channels And Madea To The Table

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Pluto TV has a lot going on to close out November. The free streaming giant from ViacomCBS is rolling out new channels along with some great programming to help us all get ready for Thanksgiving. If you put together your first meal on your own last year you might appreciate some tips from America’s Test Kitchen. The America’s Test Kitchen channel adds two new series just in time for the holiday season! Julia at Home is a brand-new series featuring Julia Collin Davision, a public television star for over 20 years. Julia cooks from her home kitchen and shares recipes for amazing, quick meals for busy, on-the-go cooks. Pluto TV is also premiering a second new show from America’s Test Kitchen, ATK Presents, which features popular food science, kitchen gear, and cooking segments originally shown on the company’s YouTube channel, but now recut into new themed half-hour episodes.

On Food TV you can join the Cook-Along with Pluto TV and get inspired with ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner from November 22-25th at 3 – 6pm ET featuring series such as The French Chef, Fresh Market Dinners, The Urban VegetarianBon Appetit, Cook Like A Chef, and Perfect. On Pluto TV Best Life from 12pm – 12am ET on November 23 it’s all about living your best foodie life with Pluto TV’s Forever Foodies Marathon where fans can watch episodes of Bon Appetit, Celebrity Snackdown, The Burger Show, Food Grails, Curry Shop, and Sean in the Wild. On November 23 on the BBC Food channel from 8am – 12pm ET, Pluto TV will feature a Feel-Good Food Marathon with foods such as sweets, cheeses, drinks, and more! On November 24, the America’s Test Kitchen channel will have back-to-back marathons starting at 5pm ET with a Home Cooked Comforts Marathon followed by a Meat and Potatoes Marathon. If you are still looking for inspiration late in the game On November 24th, join the legend for some inspired holiday recipes on the Julia Child channel. TheJulia Cooks Thanksgiving Marathon starts at 3pm ET!

If you are no good at making comfort food, maybe you can take comfort with Madea. Pluto TV will feature Tyler Perry WEEK 24/7 on the BET Pluto TV channel! Pluto is streaming  Madea’s Witness Protection and Meet the Browns, and episodes from hit television series including Assisted Living, The Oval, Sistas, House of PayneBruh, and Ruthless all day and all night!

Not Into Cooking?

There is more to do this month than cooking and eating, though we do suggest you keep eating, bc while I am not a doctor last I checked you need to do that, there is plenty of content to check out while you chomp on someone else’s holiday specialties.

Marathons Galore! Need something to watch over the Holiday?

  • On November 23 it’s Doctor Who Day, so tune-in to Pluto TV’s Doctor Who Classic channel for all your favorite Doctor Who moments with serials including The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion Of Earth, Tomb Of The Cybermen, The War Games, The Ark In Space, Earthshock, The Caves Of Androzani, The Curse Of Fenric, and more!
  • On November 25, watch Sister, Sister and Moesha all day on BET Her.
  • On November 25, tune-in to Classic TV Comedy starting 6pm ET for The Brady Bunch marathon.
  • On November 25, watch an all day marathon of crime fighting brother-duo on Numbers on Pluto TV Crime Drama
  • On November 26, Scorpion will be streaming on Pluto TV Crime Drama all day starting with the very first episode.
  • On November 26 at 6pm ET get ready for a Green Acres marathon on Classic TV Comedy

Don’t worry though streaming fans. The fast-growing streamer is also giving you a few early stocking stuffers in the form of 5 new channels.

Pluto TV Vs.
Who is the strongest, fastest, toughest, or maybe just the most hard-headed? We are sorting out the winners from the losers on Pluto TV Vs. with a collection of television’s best physical competition shows, including MXC, Strong Man, American Gladiators (1989), Wipeout, and Unbeatable Banzuke.

More TV Drama
Can’t get enough high-impact drama? Watch more primetime hits like Burn Notice, The Unit, Numbers and JAG, 24/7 right here.

Teen Mom
Oh baby, get ready for Teen Mom on Pluto TV. Enjoy MTV’s hit shows like Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, all day, everyday. Relive all the wildest moments from your favorite teen moms. Their first years of motherhood, finishing up and starting school, graduations, bumpy relationships, moving out on their own and of course, raising their children. It’s non-stop drama and it’s on all the time. Don’t miss Teen Mom, now on Pluto TV.

48 Hours
48 Hours brings viewers behind the scenes of the most intriguing murder cases. See how investigators solve crimes, meet the accused, and take an in depth look at the evidence. An award-winning team of correspondents takes viewers behind the headlines with unique access to the men and women searching for truth and justice. 48 Hours was the first to launch the true crime docuseries with stories of obsession, double lives, revenge, and crimes of passion. *Over 200 hours that span 22 seasons of 48 Hours will be available on Pluto TV.

Iron Chef
The original international cooking competition now has its own 24/7 channel on Pluto TV. Step into the Kitchen Stadium and uncover the secret ingredients that pit the world’s best cooks against the formidable Iron Chefs. *Seasons 1-3 will be available on Pluto TV.