Pluto TV Just Got Easier To Use

Pluto TV Logo

Pluto TV has once again tweaked its interface modernizing it further by adding an interactive vertical menu on the left side of the screen.

Pluto TV by default has always jumped into the live function of the service with access to the live TV grid available with a quick tap to the left already featured a guide on the left side of the screen but the new tool is more of a control center for the whole app allowing users to bounce in and out of the live TV and On Demand features, access the Roku search, access a new kids mode with a pin for parental controls, access a settings menu along with giving users the option to sign into a Pluto account if they have one. With the addition of the new menu the buttons at the top of the screen to toggle between live and on-demand have been removed meaning all browsing and app interaction takes place from the left side of the screen.

There’s been an option to have a Pluto TV account for sometime. It allows users to save playlists and favorites across all devices. The new setup integrates the ability to make an account using your registered Roku email address as well. This prevents users from having to authenticate via a separate device. It can all be done on the Roku with the Roku remote.

The new setup is likely designed to both make the app more enjoyable to use but also to encourage users to sign up for or into a Pluto TV account, which would mean Pluto TV would be able to reach out to users via their email addresses to market Paramounts full range of services. Verified accounts are also helpful for companies when it comes to advertising. They can allow a company to say that they have repeat viewers and not only that, show what they watch the most in order to figure out how to reach the best audience for a product.