Roku Providing New Way To Find Home And Food Content

Roku is adding a portal to its home page to help users find free and premium content from two of the most popular categories in lifestyle streaming. Cooking and Home shows. Via the new All Things Food and All Things Home categories that will be available via the Roku home page users will be able to find a wide selection of content to binge to their delight.

The move helps Roku to continue helping customers zero in on what they want to watch by giving them a new way to narrow things down.

In a recent survey commissioned by Roku, 64% of streamers say that if they were searching for something new to watch, they would base a search on genre, and nearly 3 in 4 streamers (73%) feel they are spending too much time trying to find new content to watch.

Destinations will feature hundreds of streaming options within each category, both free and from subscription services, including live and linear TV, Premium Subscriptions, Roku Originals, and more.

“The foodies in my life devour the whole genre—one night, it’s Roku’s ‘Great American Baking Show,’ the next, all things Gordon Ramsay, ‘Chopped,’ and so much more. Similarly, the home and garden lovers never stop at one source for tips and inspiration,” said Charlie Collier, President, Roku Media. “Now all passionate food and home lovers can get everything they need with All Things Food and All Things Home, all in one place: Roku. We reach nearly half of the broadband households in the U.S., with hundreds of options across every popular TV brand, in the genres viewers love. So pull up your favorite designer’s chair, grab your favorite bite, and let Roku be your host to All Things you love.”

Roku has a number of content discovery tools built in including its Roku channel, content zones, a cross-platform search, and even suggestions from interactive advertisements. The move is further admission from the streaming industry overall that the name of the game has shifted from the number of apps delivered to how easy it is to find something to watch.
Observers should expect similar moves to continue following Roku’s Free section, live TV section and sports tab.