Roku Unveils New Speakers For Roku Powered TV’s

Roku has announced new wireless speakers exclusively for the Roku TV platform. The speakers which are designed to pair easily with Roku TV’s, which now account for 1 out of 4 smart TV’s on the market, will allow users to pump on the volume with any Roku Channel on the TV including live TV from an Antenna. They will also work with Cable Boxes connected to the TV.

The product is going back to the companies roots in a sense. In its early days, Roku marketed sound bars and related products. According to Roku, not only will the Roku speakers work seamlessly with TV’s but also support Bluetooth music streaming from mobile devices. This move will likely help Roku get more speakers onto the market overall.

New Remote

As an added bonus the product actually ships with a Roku TV voice remote. Roku says that for most Roku TV owners

The new speakers will ship with two remotes.

this will upgrade their remote with voice capability. While some folks may not want another controller to keep up with, there are definitely some out there who can use a replacement. The product also ships with a second remote, a new product called Roku Touch. The Roku Touch is a battery-powered tabletop voice remote featuring a press-and-hold design for voice commands, playback control buttons, and programmable preset buttons. Roku customers have been asking for programmable buttons since preset buttons showed up on Roku remotes. And because sometimes our voice isn’t always the easiest way to get the command that you want  It has a few key buttons including volume, play or pause, skip forward and/or back.

Designed With Roku Connect For Easy Setup

  • No need to run cables across your living room
  • Just plug the speakers into a power outlet and pair them to your TV wirelessly
  • No receiver is needed
  • Set up takes place on your TV screen
  • A single Roku TV Voice Remote controls both the TV and the speakers

Pricing and availability

They will be available exclusively on

  • $199.99 MSRP
  • Special introductory price of $149.99
    • This price is available for one week beginning July 16th, at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT
    • From July 24th through October 15th they will be available for $179.99