Sling TV Adds Comedy and Something for The Family Pet

Sling TV added a two new à la carte channel offerings to their lineup of extras. The channels Comedy Dynamics and DOGTV provide genre specific content with a fairly obvious focus according to their names. The  à la carte channel offerings are separate from Sling TV’s various packages and are more of a way to let customers integrate separate apps into one billing structure as they build a personal bundle based on they interests. Both services are in fact available separately.

Adding the services via Sling TV though allows users to access all of the content within one interface so that they do not have to bounce from one app to another in order to get their TV content and provide a more traditional TV experience.

See info on the new channels below.

  • Comedy Dynamics ($5 per month) features one of the largest independent stand-up comedy libraries in the country. Catch hours of content from big name comedians like Bob Saget, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and more, plus shows like “Coming to the Stage” and feature films like “Adventures in Comedy” and “Chee and T.” And, current customers can sample promotional titles available for free from Comedy Dynamics by going to “Sling Central” in your channel guide, and former customers can access the promotional titles on Roku devices by reopening their Sling TV app and viewing the “Free Shows from Premium Channels” ribbon on “My TV.”
  • DOGTV ($5 per month) is the first television experience just for dogs. We know that dogs love TV, and this veterinarian-recommended TV channel features programming designed to stimulate and comfort your furry friend. DOGTV has been proven to support a dog’s natural behavior pattern and improve their well-being. You and your dog can watch 24/7 content in categories depending on your pet’s mood, such as “Relaxation,” “Stimulation” and “Exposure.”