Sling TV On Samsung TVs

Most people are creatures of habit. This has kept the Cable Industry safe for years. Why go away from something that is already in place and try something you don’t know? That’s why the fact that Sling TV is coming to a new Samsung TV near you is important. The subscription-free skinny bundle will be making its way onto the Tizen powered sets as SLing TV continues to establish a beachhead on different streaming platforms ahead of competition from a rising number of entries. Sling TV is already one of few skinny bundle options available on LG smart TV’s powered by Web OS. As More people jump into the 4k Smart TV world, they will likely see Sling TV waiting for them as an option. And considering how little the general public knows about skinny bundles and the different companies offering them it could give Dish’s entry quite an advantage, as long as customers have a positive experience with the service once they try it.

The service will have a chance to establish customer loyalty ahead of a number of competitors who have been entering the fray over the past three years since Sling TV burst on to the scene. Once customers feel satisfied they are a lot less likely to just drop a service altogether because it means an entire family has to add apps to their devices, set up new passwords and learn a new interface.

Sling TV is now available on all of the top set-top boxes, Android TV platform TV’s and Set-top boxes, computers, and Android and IOS devices.