Spectrum TV Choice Review 2022

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Spectrum TV Choice seems like an almost secret streaming service offered by the second-biggest cable distributor in the country. Why do we say it’s secret? Because first of all Spectrum does not have a website with a listing of its available channels and it is nearly impossible to find any mention of it on the website in general. But we can assure you that it’s out there and it may be just about the best deal in streaming TV if you are looking for a true skinny bundle.

What makes Spectrum TV Choice an option worth exploring? It is just about the closest thing to a custom TV service in the entire TV industry.

How does Spectrum TV Choice work?

To start with, customers receive the main broadcast channels for their area. This does not mean that they will receive every single channel that might be able to be brought in by an antenna, but it will include a bunch of them. For instance, it includes major network affiliate channels, which means users will receive NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC. In our market, we picked up a lot more than that. It includes a number of digital TV channels as well. We got 20 or so including the main broadcast networks, but for instance, with an amplified antenna in our market The Raleigh NC area, we picked up over 40 digital channels.

So aside from the channels you could would otherwise pick up via an antenna users pick 15 cable channels from a predetermined list of choices broken up by category. The service does not offer every single TV channel that it does via normal cable but does have a number of popular options. This means users can get whichever 24-hour news channel they want without also having one they hate. They can also decide not to get a news channel at all. It means they can have the main sports channels or none of them if they so choose. Either way, it is all the same price.


What does it cost?

Spectrum TV Choice advertises the pricing in the normal cable industry way. It lists the service at $29.99 (plus fees and taxes). The fees include for instance the broadcast charge from the local affiliates that are charged to Spectrum in order to provide the channels to you. That is an additional $12.99. There is also a charge if a user wishes to use a Spectrum receiver. This would be totally unnecessary though. Spectrum TV Choice is fully accessible via a Roku or Apple TV Streaming device, plus any smart TV with a Spectrum TV app.  Not every platform has a spectrum app. So despite the stated cost, you will get quoted from reps the cost is about $43.00 a month, provided you already have access to the app. We would recommend getting a Roku device as they are inexpensive and provide great apps outside of the Spectrum world.


So what do you need to get Spectrum TV Choice?

Users who wish to get Spectrum TV Choice must have Spectrum Internet. You can not get the TV service if you are using a different ISP for your Internet. That means if you are an AT&T Fiber customer for instance, you will not be able to get Spectrum TV Choice at your home. You also need a streaming device or smart TV with the Spectrum app.


Who has the Spectrum TV App?

Apple TV devices, Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs. At the time of this article’s publishing, there were no other major platforms with access to the app.

How do you get Spectrum TV Choice

As we said, it’s almost like it’s a secret service. The only way you can sign up for the service is to reach out directly to Spectrum over the phone. You will have to ask specifically for Spectrum TV Choice. You can not sign up for it on the Spectrum website. Why do they make it so tough? I do not know officially. My guess is that the service is meant as a retention tool for customers who are set on canceling their more expensive traditional services. Once you are speaking with someone you can sign up and choose the channels for your package.

Do not confuse Spectrum TV Choice with Spectrum TV Stream

Spectrum TV Stream is a totally different streaming service offered by Spectrum through the Spectrum TV App. If you are not a traditional TV customer and launch the app you will see info about the service which costs $19.99 and offers a number of cable channels. This service may in fact satisfy your needs, but it does not include local network affiliates like ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox. Do not let the person on the other end of the phone get you confused about what service you are signing up for. In some cases, the customer support rep may be confused themselves.

What channels are available?

Disney XD, FreeForm, Disney Channel, Disney Jr, Cartoon Network Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet

Discovery, History, TLC, TV Land

Weather Channel, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, HLN, BBC World News, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC

Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Nat Geo, WeTV, Bravo, Investigation Discovery, A&E

VH1, MTV, MTV2, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, E!, AMC, Game Show Network (GSN), TCM, TNT, USA, TBS, Lifetime, FX, FXX, OWN, Oxygen, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Paramount Channel, TruTV, BBC America, Lifetime Movies, Fox Movies, SyFy

ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1, Golf, NFL Network, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).

Galavision, Telemundo, Univision, BeIN Sports, El Rey, Discovery en Espanol, ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, Univision Deportes, Azteca America, BeIN en Espanol, CNN en Espanol, Estrella TV, Unimas, WAPA America, TUDN (previously Univision Deportes)


Spectrum TV Choice is not the most expansive cable replacement option available. But for the price, it is one of the more flexible ones. Keep in mind that it includes on-demand viewing from its partner channels. So for instance, if you have SYFY and FXX you will have access to everything that those channels stream on-demand. This is something to keep in mind as far as adding derivative channels. It might not be necessary to have Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries if the same catalog is available on-demand regardless of which channel you have.  It can prove to be a nice medium place for those who want to have the local channels for news and sports like NFL Football or local college action along with the NCAA Tournament without paying the premium pricing that Hulu with Live TV, fubo TV or YouTube TV charge which is upwards of $70.00. Sports fans can add TNT for access to the weekly NBA games on the network long with ESPN and ESPN2 and Fox Sports1. But unfortunately, it does not include every offshoot ESPN option like the dedicated SEC or ACC Network.

If you are a Spectrum TV customer who is looking to step back a bit but enjoys the interface and wants guaranteed access to the channels provided it is an easy almost painless jumping-off place.  We think that it is a great service that can meet the needs of people who don’t want to pay for hundreds of channels anymore but want their favs and local channels as long as those favs are part of the lineup.

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