Streamers Prefer TV Should This Surprise Anyone?

A report from Conviva shows something that should come as no shock. All of that HD and 4K big screen TV’s out there make for a better streaming experience than watching TV on a little phone. This should come as no shock to anyone who has watched a movie or TV show on a phone and a TV. While the conclusion might seem obvious there has not been enough research until recently to show this to be the case. For years cord cutters were referred to as Non-TV homes implying that to not have cable was to eschew televisions altogether. The confusion may stem from the fact that streaming is done via apps. To many people apps means mobile devices. But the reality of connected TV’s with multiple apps is that is driving the report.

TV executives should keep a close eye on the way that people watch their programming. The change in how people watch TV is changing how ratings should be viewed. The trend towards binging has led people to watch multiple episodes of series at a time via apps instead of daily. Time-shifted viewing is still viewing. TV manufacturers, on the other hand, should adjust how easily a user can interact with streaming content. The easier a TV is to use in the new world of media access the more popular it could be. This means easy to access HDMI ports, easier to use TV interfaces and better integration of services and options overall.