Streaming Seeing Record Use In 2022

Streaming platforms pulled in 180 billion minutes per week during the first quarter of 2022 according to numbers from Nielsen which accounted for 28.9% of overall TV viewing second to cable at 35.6%. Right behind Streaming was broadcast TV which saw 26.4% of the overall viewing. NFL football accounted for a chunk of the numbers behind the broadcasting percentage as the vast majority of NFL Football on TV is piped in through FOX, CBS, and NBC.

TV Viewership 2022
Nielson saw TV Viewership dominated by cable, streaming and broadcast tv. Photo Credit Nielsen

Streaming though continues to grow as a factor in the TV. For a media delivery platform that was still in its infancy in 2010 to now command over a quarter of TV, viewing is pretty amazing when you think of broadcast TV being close to 100 years old and Cable being a factor since the 1980s. Not surprisingly, within that 28.9% Netflix was the biggest winner in the streaming world with  6.6% of all streaming traffic but right on its heels was YouTube at 5.7. Disney had a strong piece of the market as well with 4.8% when combining Hulu and Disney+ performance.

That means that 6.6% of all TV viewing came from Netflix during the first quarter of 2022. Those numbers provide a pretty healthy perspective on the scope and power of streaming in the overall scheme of things. The most omnipresent name in streaming had less viewers than “Other”.