Struum Add Magnolia Pictures Content

Struum, a streaming option built on prepaid credits and flexibility, has added a new content partner to the mix with Magnolia Pictures. in a release the company said that Magnolia Pictures provides users with a specially curated collection of movies highlighting the best in action, comedy, documentaries and horror, now accessible to audiences through Struum.

The partnership with Magnolia brings Magnolia Selects, alongside each of the standalone channels – “Warriors & Gangsters,” “DOX,” “Crack Me Up” and “Monsters & Nightmares”

Struum users have a monthly cost of $4.99 that opens up the opportunity to use 40 credits acoss a number of streaming services which allows users to pick and chose content to watch at their own pace instead of forcing them to subscribe to multiple services in order to catch a favorite show or movie on each.

Struum is currently available on the web, iOS and Chromecast, and will be available on Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, GoogleTV and more soon.