Sunday Will Be The Big Test For Peacock


For the first time, one app will stream the Super Bowl and The Olympics. And that is an awesome responsibility when it comes to live event coverage. Peacock has seen consistent growth since its launch and has been able to pat itself on the back thanks to its prescient move to add WWE content to its service. But this weekend could be ugly for the service if Comcast underestimates or under prepares for the number of people who will be logging into the app or even trying to sign up at the same time to access two incredibly high-profile events at the same time.

In the past there have been problems for services like HBO Max during the launch of highly anticipated content such as the Snyder cut of the Justice League. Earlier in its HBO GO/HBO Nowadays viewers had trouble accessing Game Of Thrones during debut times. Sling TV has had issues during the final four in years past when the event was consigned to a cable channel instead of CBS.

The Super Bowl is always the most-watched event on TV, which is why it is such a cultural phenomenon in the US. And having the rights to the game is huge for any network that nabs it. Comcast is not a new entry to the TV world. It’s hardly a start-up. But neither is Disney. But when the company’s Disney+ app launched the website crashed due to the weight of people trying to log in and sign up for the service.

By the end of this week Peacock has a chance to go fully mainstream in the minds of cord-cutters and sports fans in general. It better be ready.