Tablo Users Need A New App

If you are a Tablo user with a Windows computer its time to do some preventative maintenance. Due to an update for Google Chrome, Tablo’s long-supported web interface, will not work properly for Tablo users. The fix is in though.

Tablo owners are encouraged by the company to download the Tablo app for Windows 10. The app will be able to deliver all of the key Tablo features that users have grown familiar with and allow for an easy transition as the browser updates. If users choose not to update they will only be setting themselves up for problems later.

Tablo will also be sending out a firmware update to address a few small bugs, the most critical of which can cause a subset of Tablo OTA DVRs to go offline should a server outage occur at Tablo HQ. Be on the lookout for the update. It will roll out across devices soon.