The Roku Channel May Be Coming To Your iPhone and Android Device

The Roku Channel, an add supported channel owned Roku by Roku may be available on devices besides Roku licensed products. According to one of the best reporters in the business, Janko Roettgers, Roku may be looking to develop mobile apps for the Roku channel, which pulls in content from a number of Roku’s streaming partners.

It is believed that the channel might be integrated into the Roku mobile app which is one of the most popular apps on the Android platform. that would prevent Roku from having to market a new vieo service in a crowded space. An update that would add video streaming to the app would not be hard to imagine. In Variety Roettgers reports that “Roku has been asking publishers to also grant the company the rights to stream their titles on mobile devices”

Roku has even posted an add looking for someone familiar with IOS looking for people “comfortable with handling key iOS technologies used for media playback”.

So something is likely afoot in the Roku world. Will it mean a Roku video channel on Fire TV or Apple TV. I don’t think so, since there is no iTunes store of Apple TV. But could Roku set things up in a way that allowed users to use things like Airplay or mirroring to watch content on other devices? I’m sure they would

Source: Variety