Tribute to Burt Reynolds

September 8, 2018 we lost a great actor. The first movie that I saw Burt Reynolds in was the classic “Smokey and the Bandit” watching it on HBO at my aunt and uncles house on their NASA sized satellite antenna in 1978.

It was a huge event where my Aunt and Uncle invited my Mom, Dad and us three boys over to the house so we could watch it. No doubt we had spaghetti for dinner because I always teased my aunt that this seemed to be the only thing she served when we came over (she contended that it was by chance, not by design).

Part of the reason why they wanted us to come watch it was because my Dad and Grandfather were truck drivers, an occupation that I would also get into about 12 years later.

To this day I don’t know anyone who has driven a commercial semi-truck wishing that they were either Bandit one, sitting behind the wheel of a Trans-Am or Bandit two, driving the semi, all due to Burt Reynolds.

While reminiscing all things Burt, one of my dad’s friends used to drive for Jolly Rancher and I was told by him that the trailer used in the movie was one of theirs, modified slightly to remove the company logo, then repainted after the movie. I don’t know for sure if its true or not… but I like to think that it is.

I spent most of Thursday mourning the loss of one of my favorite actors by watching some of my favorite movies that he stared in. Smoky and the Bandit, obviously, along with White Lightning. I can not think of a better way to celebrate a mans life then by watching him as he had fun so with that, here is a list of Burt Reynolds movies that you can stream.

*Roku, Tubi and Vudu you can watch online without a streaming device if your device does not support it. Hyperlink to the website is embedded, but won’t take you to that specific video.


Midnight Pulp, ConTV


White Lightning

Vudu, Roku, Tubi


The Longest Yard

Amazon, Hulu


Gator (Followup to White Lightning)

Amazon, Hulu





Smokey and the Bandit



Stroker Ace



Cannonball Run II



All Dogs go to Heaven

Vudu, Tubi, Pluto


The Man From Left Field



Meet Wally Sparks

Roku, ComicCon HQ


Boogie Nights



Hard Time

Amazon, Roku, Filmrise


Hard Time: Hostage Hotel

Amazon, Roku, Filmrise


Big City Blues

Amazon, Roku, Filmrise


Hard Time: The Premonition

Amazon, Roku, Filmrise


Mystery, Alaska



The Legend of Frosty the Snowman (Narrator)



Forget About It

Roku, Filmrise, Snag Films


A Magic Christmas

Hulu, Tubi


Pocket Listing

Amazon, Hulu


Hamlet & Hutch



Hollow Creek

Roku, Tubi, Filmrise


Shangri La Suite (Narrator)

Vudu, Roku, Gravataus


The Last Movie Star




Here are some of the TV episodes that you can see him on.

Route 66: Love is a Skinny Kid (Hulu, Shout Factory TV) s02e25

The Twilight Zone: The Bard (Hulu) s04e18

Saturday Night Live April 12, 1980 (Hulu)

Amazing Stories: Guilt Trip (NBC) s01e09 – Director