Trump Using Streaming To Trumpet His Priorities

Back when the election was looking like a loss for the Trump camp a number of observers thought the President might instead start a new news network aimed at his base supporters to try and turn those rally crowds into TV viewers. We expected that he would launch a streaming entity of some sort along the lines of The Blaze.

Now it looks like the thinking behind that idea has morphed into the “Real News”. “Real News” is a slickly produced segment available through Donald Trump’s Facebook page designed to look and feel like a news clip from an actual broadcast. The segments highlight the information the administration wants to get out to the public without any negative sentiment. Trump often says that the media is ignoring his accomplishments and it appears that the real News segments are meant to counter that.

Considering how effective the Trump campaign was at utilizing social media, the talking points heavy segments may end up serving the administration well. Will we be seeing the Real News Network on a streaming device soon? It would not surprise me.