Tubi Launching New Adult Animated Show

Tubi (www.tubi.tv) announced recently that it has greenlit the adult animated series, BREAKING BEAR. Created by Julien Nitzberg (“The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”) and produced by Cartel Entertainment (“Creepshow,” “Twelve Forever,” and “Day of the Dead”) and Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Media (“Monsters of California,” “Unidentified”), BREAKING BEAR parodies the tropes of mobster dramas, comically combining elements of Yogi Bear with “The Sopranos.”

BREAKING BEAR follows the escapades of three bear siblings who decide they have to start selling drugs in order to raise money and save their home after gas companies start fracking next to their cave. The bears soon enlist other forest animals in a scheme that will pit them against oil companies, The Russian Mafia, local Hell’s Angels and polar bears who hate anything that isn’t white.

“When The Cartel pitched a series with cartoon animals as mobsters, I knew it was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” said Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, Tubi. “This is the perfect project to expand our adult animation offering after the stellar success of THE FREAK BROTHERS, cementing Tubi as a destination for adult humor.”

Tubi continues to expand its robust adult animation collection, with both library and original animated content for the platform. In May, three new made-for-Tubi movies from FOX’s Emmy Award-winning animation house, Bento Box Entertainment, were announced as Tubi Originals, including: PASTACOLYPSE, from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” co-creator Matthew Maiellaro; MILLENNIAL HUNTER, from comedian and actor Sam Taggart; and BIG BRUH, from writer, stand-up comic and DUNCANVILLE co-producer Jerron Horton. Tubi’s adult animation offering also includes library titles such as “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” “The PJs,” “SuperMansion,” “Brickleberry,” “Kevin Smith: Smodimations,” “Alien News Desk,” “Nerdland” and more, in addition to the original series  THE FREAK BROTHERS, which stars Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Pete Davidson and Tiffany Haddish.