Tubi Saw Major Growth In 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, February 11, 2020 – Tubi TV announced record growth for 2019. If December is any indicator 2020 will be bigger. During the last month of 2019 the company saw its Monthly Active Users (MAU) grow to 25 million and Total View Time (TVT) rocket to over 163 million hours watched – a year-over-year TVT increase of 160%.

Like Netflix a large part of its its growth is linked to international expansion. Year-over-year in Canada and Australia, there was a 357% increase in TVT. In 2020 Tubi will launch in additional territories including Mexico and the UK.

“Our growth over the last year is a clear testament to the success of our focused strategy in a now-cluttered marketplace,” said Farhad Massoudi, CEO of Tubi. “We’re excited people globally have embraced Tubi as a complement to subscription video and aim to deliver an even larger library of premium content in 2020.”

On top of all the growth in viewers the company will accelerate its content spending in 2020 to exceed nine figures to further expand its current library of content from major studios, indies, and TV producers from around the globe. Tubi presently works with over 250 content partners which include Warner Bros., Paramount, and Lionsgate.