VUit Will Be Streaming More CBS News Content And More With New Deal

VUit, a free streaming option available across all of the major streaming platforms announced a new deal that will bring CBS news content and other Paramount content to the service. The agreement will allow VUit to deliver local news stations and major national news content from some of the biggest markets in the country.

“VUit is a product built around local news, and we are thrilled to add our 13 local streaming channels to broaden their US coverage,” added CBS Stations senior vice president, streaming Sahand Sepehrnia. “We have had a long-standing relationship with Syncbak and are excited to grow our partnership with Jack and his team.”

Other Paramount content includes national entertainment and lifestyle content from Mixible, formerly known as ET Live; Inside Edition; and Dabl, the CBS Media Ventures’ lifestyle network. The move continues the torrent of content directives that are bringing more and more news and information to consumers via streaming. Paramount also delivers free streaming content through its Pluto TV service.

“From our continued expansion of local news streaming across the country, to becoming a fresh and intriguing model for the syndication of national content, major players in the media world recognise the power and potential of what we have built,” said Syncbak CEO Jack Perry commenting on. the deal. “In an increasingly streaming-first world, this deal is a win for everyone – for the stations looking to expand revenue opportunities, for advertisers looking to reach audiences in hyper-local and hyper-targeted ways, and for viewers who want to access content in a flexible, easy manner.”