Watch Fox News Favorites On Roku

Fox Nation has launched on Roku bringing the long-awaited conservative spin based service to the most popular streaming platform in the US. The service should not be confused with an outright Fox News feed though. It’s a different platform with the same kinds of themes. Fox News is to Fox Nation as ESPN is to ESPN+.

Is Fox Nation free?

Fox Nation features a lot of familiar faces for Fox News fans to enjoy.

No. Fox Nation is a subscription based service that has two payment options. It can be had monthly for 5.99 per month or a yearly cost of $ 64.99. The yearly subscription gives you a better deal on the service than a month to month set up, though users may want to try it out for a little before deciding to get married to it. But for the math (taxes not included) the monthly plan would run you $71.88 VS the $64.99.

The good news is that considering that this is Fox News and not simply some kind of start up you can be sure that the service will be active a year from now and more.

Isn’t Fox News Owned By Disney Now?

No. Fox News was not part of the merger with Disney. It has been spun off.

What is the difference between Fox Nation and the Fox News channel for Roku?

The Fox News channel on Roku is a direct offshoot of the nationally known cable channel. It has clips, full episodes and links to the live channel as it airs. The Fox News Channel though requires users to sign into their cable provider in order to access most content. This means those without a cable subscription can’t watch most of the content available through the app. On the other hand Fox Nation does not require a cable subscription, just the monthly or yearly cost to access all of the content available.