What Is Hot On Disney+ Right Now?

Disney+ released a listing of the most popular trending titles on the service at the moment and it looks like their investment in the Simpsons is paying off big time. Two of its trending titles are Simpsons related including the Simpsons series at No1 and the Maggie Simpson short called The Longest DayCare. Also popular this week are Frozen and Frozen II along with Moana.

It appears that while Disney+ does not have a lot of original content at the moment what they do have gets eyeballs. The new and final season of The Clone Wars appears to be pushing the Lucas Film pickup to new heights. But it is not the only TV show proving popular. The Debby Ryan helmed Jessie, which hasn’t been in production since 2015 is right there with the latest and greatest.

Two Pixar films are proving popular this summer with Toy Story 4 and Onward peaking at the moment while the Traditional Disney Studios 2014 live action release Maleficent is proving popular likely buoyed by the release of its sequel. Maybe it is getting a first look by people who missed it the first time.

The trending list shows a lot about the power of the combined brands, even without Marvel present. Disney made a bet on a collective brand recognition and it looks like it is paying off. Disney is not releasing viewing numbers on the titles.