What You Need To Know About Xfinity’s 10G Network

There have been a few iconic pop culture takes on going to the next level. Sometimes in business and athletics you will hear people talk about going in at 150 percent. This is Spinal Tap introduced the idea of “turning it up to 11” and Space Balls took the concept of Warp speed “faster than the speed of light” and Hyperspace to a whole new level by saying that ships could travel at literal Ludicrous speed. In these cases, nobody in the buying public would confuse the claims as facts. But in the world of Internet connectivity and constant new network technology rollouts it is much easier to get twisted in knots. In some cases I think that is exactly what the companies want to happen. This is what we believe is happening with Xfinity’s 10G network.

Xfinity’s has been in the internet business for decades and is one of the largest ISPs in the country. In many places, they don’t have any competition. But with fiber Internet and Gigibit internet bandwidth becoming real things if you want to stand out from the competition you have to be pretty special.  So you know how all the cellphone companies talk about 5G and how amazing it is? Well what would you think of 10G.  I bet you think that means it is worlds better than 5G don’t you. I mean, it’s double right? WRONG! 

Mean naughty Zoot, you see it’s not that the Holy Grail is actually in the castle, their beacon is grail shaped and that has sent many a knight on dubious forays into the castle. The 10G network that Xfinity advertises is not a network that doubles the capacity of all of those standard 5G networks from companies like Verizon and T-Mobile. It just happens that the branding of their Internet service is 10G. It could just as easily be called Xfinity Super Fast Connectivity. But you see that would not catch our eye the same way.

Years ago during the feud between Nintendo and upstart Sega of America, the younger console, the Sega Genesis advertised that it was powered by “Blast Processing”! Boy that must be way better than anything else right? But like 10G it was not a real thing. Just an eye-catching marketing ploy.

So when you are shopping for Internet providers in the near future be on the lookout for clever marketing tricks, especially the 10G Network. I mean, in all honesty, I’m sure it offers good speeds and performance. It’s what the company does. But just understand that it’s not a space-age leap forward. 1oG internet does not exist as of 2023. Anymore than hoverboards that actually fly, The Amazing Lazer, or TV’s that can send you a bar of chocolate.