What’s Wrong With Project Free TV?

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What’s wrong with Project Free TV? The website that offered pirated content has been shut down. There is no official word yet as to whether the site has been shut down for legal reasons or because the site operators simply did not want to continue maintenance on the site.  The owners have yet to comment.

Project free tv
It does not look like Project Free TV put much effort into their exit.

Considering the circumstances legal reasons would be most likely. The site hosted links to copyrighted content at a time when Hollywood studious are really starting to focus on this issue. Now that so many mainstream entities are building strategies around OTT delivery they will not be interested in competing for attention in that space against organizations that are distributing their content for free.

Even with all that said the manor in which Project Free TV left the scene is very odd. Unlike others who often leave manifestos about how media and art should be free to all or a thank you message visitors are greeted with a blank white page that says Goodbye. It was as though the person who posted it did it while he was running out the door.