Where To Stream Full House

To say I was shocked to hear that Bob Saget died Sunday would be an understatement. While of course I know that he’s not really Danny Tanner from Full House the image of the doting father who kept everything organized will always be stuck in my head.

But it’s not hard to predict that his passing will inspire fans to reach for the nostalgia of the iconic series where he starred.

So where can you check it out? Full House is available on HBO Max. All 8 seasons. Hbo Max is a crazy hodgepodge sometimes with all of those HBO originals and DC Comics animated movies and blockbusters but it has a substantial group of sitcoms that it purchased the rights to in order to bolster its overall appeal.

The Full House reboot on the other hand was a Netflix original series Fuller House. And as you would expect being a Netflix original series is available on Netflix.

Rest in peace Bob Saget thanks for your irreverent and unpredictable humor.