Where To Stream The Spider Man Movies

Recently it was announced that European audiences would finally be able to stream the multiple versions of Spiderman that were seen in the latest standalone film, Spiderman No Way Home on Disney+. Unfortunately for American audiences the only versions of Spiderman available on Disney+ include Tom Hollands appearances in the Avengers franchise along with a number of cartoon shows and some of Marvel’s animated films (not including Into The Spiderverse).

Why is it so hard to find the Spider-Man movies in general? The simple answer is Sony does not have its own designated landing place for its movies. While Warner Bros automatically drops its content on HBO Max and Disney Automatically places its content on Disney+ and so on, Sony does not have its own premium streamer or for that matter linear cable channel. Therefore it contracts out its multiple properties to various networks and streaming services.

Most of the Spider-Man movies are available to stream right now. But they are just spread out a lot. So here is a guide to take in as many of the Spiderman feature films as you can.

Tobey Maguire Series

Spider-Man – Peacock

Spider-Man 2 – Syfy (Requires Cable or Replacement service)

Spider-Man 3 – Peacock

Andrew Garfield Series

The Amazing Spider-Man – Netflix

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Free Form and ABC (Requires Cable or Replacement service)


Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse – FXM (Requires Cable or Replacement service)

Tom Holland Series

Captain America Civil War – Disney+

Spider-Man Homecoming – Starz

Avengers Infinity War – Disney+

Spider-Man Far From Home – FXM (Requires Cable or Replacement service)

Avengers End Game – Disney+

Spider-Man No Way Home – On-Demand Rental (Multiple sources)