WOW Women Of Wrestling Streaming On Pluto TV

If you liked the Netflix series, GLOW, which takes viewers behind the fictionalized version of the very real women’s wrestling promotion of the 1980s you will probably want to tune into the new offering on Pluto TV “WOW”.

WOW, which stands for Women of Wrestling is a modern all-female pro wrestling program was launched in 2000 by GLOW architect David McLane. The promotion though is hardly a throwback to the 80s. The shows have a modern look and feel with a live audience and strong production values. The athletes are dynamic and perform high-impact (potentially dangerous) moves that have come to define women’s wrestling as it has grown in polarity thanks to major promotions like the WWE. The promotion is a passion its owner, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, who compares the performers to comic book heroes like Wonder Woman and Super Girl.

“The women of WOW are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life, and you can feel that strength as you watch them do things ordinary human beings cannot do. They’re incredibly extraordinary. They are Superheroes,” said Buss.

How can you check this out?

  • Season 1 is on demand for free, 24/7, on Pluto TV
  • 12 never before seen episodes (episodes 21-32 in the on-demand link above), anytime, anywhere!
  • Tune in every Wednesday on the Pluto TV Pro Wrestling channel for Women’s Wrestling Wednesday, a 24-hour marathon of women wrestling programming featuring content from WOW- Women Of Wrestling as well as Women’s Extreme Wrestling, The Original Ladies of Wrestling, Women’s Wrestling Revolution and more!