WrestleMania 38 Breaks Social Media Records

It looks like the WWE arrangement with Peacock is working out pretty well for both parties. The company’s premier event, WrestleMania 38, which streamed on Peacock for two nights got more mentions, impressions and video views than the Super Bowl this year. WWE is a worldwide brand with passionate fans as evidenced by the rousing crowds its events attract in international markets stretching all the way to Saudi Arabia.

By the numbers, WrestleMania earned 2.2 billion impressions across all social platforms, compared to 1.8 billion for the most recent Super Bowl. Maybe the Super Bowl should refer to itself as the WrestleMania of football. Just kidding. Social media of course does not equal TV views which is where the Super Bowl really shines as the most-watched event on TV in the US.

The social media numbers though do show major brand awareness for the sports entertainment company and support the decision to move content from its own WWE app over to Peacock while also reducing the price to access it by allowing it to be available on Peacock’s ad-supported tier for $4.99.