Xilinx Working To Eliminate Video Buffering

In an effort to further increase the capability of video streaming needed to allow the sector to build, technology company Xilinx has acquired NGCodec. NGCodec offers a powerful, differentiated video encoding technology that – when paired with a Xilinx acceleration platform – delivers greater visual quality at lower bandwidth requirements than any other solution in the market.

The growth of this kind of technology will be very important as services look to offer 4k and even 8k streaming options as the demands of the viewing audience catches up with the capabilities of their televisions.

According to a release by  Xilinx, NGCodec technology allows for high end cloud video encoding standards, including H.265/HEVC, VP9 and soon, AV1. With 70 percent of internet traffic coming from video streaming and growing at a rate of 50 percent year-over-year – the market forecast for cloud video processing estimates a SAM of $1.6 billion by 2023.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.