XUMO’s Next Stop Mexico


XUMO, a free streaming platform that combines internet delivered content into a linear channel selection has a major new partner. TiVo.  XUMO integrating its platform with TiVo gives it yet another major partner as the company transitions from plucky startup to industry leader in what is seen as the fastest growing sector of streaming. Free high value content. The company has apps on many major platforms including Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Android TV as well as integration into LG and Samsung TVs. The LG partnership has allowed the company to expand its market outside the boarders of the US with it content reaching into Europe as well as north and south of the border.

XUMO has Mobile and TV apps on a number of devices.

LG’s integrated channels Plus offering has exported the platform to Canada, The UK, France Germany Spain and Italy. Not only that XUMO has a presence in Brazil and will be in Mexico at a later date in October. When it leaves the US the platform blends both US-based content and more local flavor such as its Motorvision TV channel in Germany.

XUMO, who’s apps have received a major makeover this year, has also seen a great deal of enthusiasm for its on-demand offerings. According to XUMO CEO Colin Petrie-Norris, engagement with on-demand programming has risen dramatically since the company categorized and curated it into a separate menu.

The small company biggest strength besides its ability to create intuitive ways to find content is that continues to expand the reach of its hardware. With TiVo with is soon launching TiVo+, which will provide free live, curated channels (Powered by XUMO) alongside users’ existing subscription services. The service is only available to TiVo customers.The company teamed with Xumo, Jukin Media and other publishers to make channels like TMZ, Outside TV+, PowerNation, FailArmy, Unsolved Mysteries, Hell’s Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares, Food52 and Ameba.

Keep your eyes on this company.