Yahoo Screen PLex and more coming to Tivo

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With most of Television’s top series coming to an end for the summer there will be less new content to see on TV. With this sort of thing in mind Tivo is continuing to evolve from just a DVR option to a full streaming solution. The company announced the availability of new some popular streaming apps including the Yahoo Screen app, which will be streaming an NFL football game this October. The additions will work along side of the Netflix and Hulu to give users of their products new ways to stream their favorite content.

  • iHeartRadio – Enjoy the iHeartRadio app on your TiVo DVR and stream nearly 2,000 radio stations through your TV. Listen online to your favorite music, podcasts, talk radio hosts, sports commentators, live news broadcasts and more.
  • Yahoo! Screen – The on-demand streaming service for TV shows, movies, web videos and more is coming to TiVo. With the Yahoo! Screen app, users can access third-party video content to which Yahoo currently has exclusive distribution agreements, such as Community. Check out clips from the SNL archives, highlights from your favorites in Comedy Central, and commercial free news segments from Major League Baseball.
  •     Plex – With the Plex app now available on TiVo, it’s easier than ever to view the media you’ve stored on your computer on your HD big screen. Stream shows, movies, photos, music and home videos to any room in your home.
  • VUDU – VUDU has been available on TiVo Roamio™ DVRs and TiVo Minis, and now it is available on TiVo operator DVRs! Users can rent or purchase content and stream the latest movies and TV shows offered on the VUDU app.2 Watch DVDs — frequently released on the same day or sometimes earlier — and enjoy access to your UltraViolet™ digital collection.