You Will Need Cable Or A Replacement Service To See The Final Four

If you are looking to tune in to the Final Four this weekend and the championship game this Monday you are going to need access to TBS. That means unfortunately that antennas won’t cut it for the big games. If you are a casual fan who has not been glued to the tournament up to this point you may not have realized the games would be limited to cable.

So if you don’t subscribe to a traditional cable service and have no interest in doing so in the next 24 hours here are your options. There are streaming services that offer access to TBS and other cable services that you can check out this weekend. Unlike cable, you can cancel anytime. But you might like them so much you keep them. It’s up to you.

While the services may not want you to do so, look for free preview periods. If a service is offering one, you can always check out the games and drop it soon after.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV, not to be confused with the free app full of videos about virtually anything, is a paid TV service that offers 85 channels including of course TBS. It costs $64.99.

Hulu With Live TV
Hulu with live TV offers 65 channels for $69.99. Those channels include TBS. The service also includes access to Disney+ and ESPN+ for your trouble.

Sling TV
Sling TV offers three different packages that provide TBS. Two are identically priced at $35.00. They break their packages up based on color. So subscribers can pick between Sling Orange and Sling Blue. While the prices are the same the lineups are a bit different as well as the capabilities. Sling Blue allows for 3 streams at the same time and has a larger number of channels. Sling Blue allows one stream at a time and has fewer channels. But the lineups for the two services are different at their core. Sling TV also offers a package with both lineups combined for $50.00. If you would like to dive into the complexities check out the Sling TV website here.