YouTube Gaming Channel Video Review

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The YouTube Gaming Channel could be a big hit

We had a chance to take a good look at the YouTube game channel today and I must say it feels like a hit. Right now it is not available through the set-top box versions of the app but the computer based one is solid. It gives users a number of options from live game streaming, to information on games, previews, commentary, and the ability to follow given players. Users can also look up information on their favorite games and see videos and other information. The interface is very nice. video gaming has matured tremendously in the past 3 years and is becoming a major media force. Competitions are beginning to be televised, the purses for winning a given contest are getting huge and with the money and attention there is even drug testing. While YouTube may seem a little late to the party it is certainly positioned to make a major impact on this space. Take a look at our YouTube Gaming Channel Video Review Video to see it in action.