YouTuber Technoblade Dies At 23

If you are watching this, I am dead. That was the beginning of a message written by the Minecraft YouTuber, known as Technoblade who succumbed to cancer after a nearly year-long battle that started with a diagnosis last August. The creator, who had over 10 million subscribers wrote a final message, delivered Thursday evening by his father, to say goodbye.

The creator was very private with his actual life but shared in his last message that his name was in fact Alex, no last name was given. In the video he even shared that money raised through selling shirts and merchandise would be enough to send his siblings to college though he didn’t want to burden them with “dead brother peer pressure.”

According to his father, who spoke on camera against a stark white background, his son died about 8-hours after he finished writing his final message. He will be terribly missed by his millions of fans.

Alex (Technoblade) was 23. See final message below.