A Christmas Prince Netflix Trying For The Hallmark Audience

By Josette Downey
Associate Editor

Netflix has decided to jump into a new territory with its original content. Challenging Hallmark’s dominance of the sweet and ‘oh so clean’ genre. The online network has released a holiday romance perfectly named the Christmas Prince. The sweet tale delivers on all the key romance tropes the aging baby boomer generation loves while allowing them to avoid all the “raunchy” scenes of hits such as Love Actually.

The tale centers on a young beautiful woman with a dream that she can’t deny. The other half of this troupe sandwich is a young misunderstood heartthrob prince who has been labeled a playboy but who really just wants to build snowmen with orphan children. Throw in some funny mishaps that bring the two “unlikely lovers” together and fall in love with each other in a matter of moments and you have yourself the perfect mom bait. Because in the ‘oh so clean’ and sweet genre it only takes a matter of moments of staring at each other from across the room to fall in love. Really that is all they can do.

As the story progresses, our dimpled-cheek prince, and slightly klutzy journalist have to combat a sleazy throne stealing cousin, and a former love known for betrayal. Combing these elements with a lost in the woods scene, hungry wolves and a hidden adoption, make a sweet movie that will help your mom pass a Sunday afternoon while she bakes her famous chocolate chip cookies and waits by her flip phone for you to call. So give her a call and remind her how to log into your Netflix. I’m sure she would appreciate the recommendation.

Viewers can be assured, that Netflix will explore this genre and develop more movies as it explores more ways to bring fresh but maybe not so original content to customers. But it will be content the viewers love.