Actors Strike Over Streamers Can Move Forward

At long last the duel strikes that shut down Hollywood production have ended, with the actors strike to officially wrapping at midnight Thursday. The protracted work stoppage that shuttered studios took writers, directors and actors out of the game meaning that virtually no major project could move forward in any serious capacity. Now that the industry can move forward we will finally see the real results.

More cancelation will be announced

What will actually move forward? We really don’t know. The truth is that series renewals have had very little impact as to if a show gets another or even an initial season. The effect of the shutdown has a lot more impact than strikes and lockouts in other industries. For instance, in a teacher’s strike, UPS worker strike, or auto-parts manufacturer strike etc, its a matter of people walking back into the building and resuming whatever it was that they were doing before. There will be adjustment periods for sure but things move forward and get back on track. With TV shows and movies, there are contracts, studio spaces, multiple unions, and multiple commitments to be figured out.  Just because someone was set to begin filming a TV show before the strikes went live does not mean that the entire crew, all of the actors, showrunners and directors will be available in November. Because the people involved don’t just work for one employer.

So be prepared for a Game Of Thrones bloodletting that could see multiple shows canceled, severely delayed (and later canceled) movies dropped from the schedule etc.