Amazon Original series Focuses on YouTube

Amazon is having some fun with the YouTuber culture with its new series “The Real Stephen Blatt” The show centers around the meteoric rise of the title character as he navigates the world of being a YouTube personality. The project is from Funny Or Die, which ironically is a major player in the world that is depicted in the show. The entire series is available to Amazon Prime members.

“The Real Stephen Blatt” Episode Titles & Descriptions

Episode 1: The Birthday Boy

Stephen gets an iPhone for his birthday, and gets tagged in a photo by a cool kid.

Episode 2: Don’t Call Me Champ

After a fight with his parents, Stephen uses the Internet to channel his anger.


Episode 3: It’s A Hit

The success of his internet video causes a rift between Stephen and his friends.


Episode 4: The Consultant

Mr. Blatt hires a successful Internet personality to mentor Stephen.


Episode 5: You Just Got Blatted!

Stephen, with the help of his new assistant, tries to attract more followers by becoming a prankster.


Episode 6: Stephen Becomes Real

After hitting rock bottom, Stephen has an epiphany.


Episode 7: Verified

Stephen begins to monetize his large internet following by becoming an ambassador for several brands.


Episode 8: A New Normal

Stephen legally separates from his parents as his fame reaches new heights.