Don’t Root Your Amazon Powered TV

Hey it’s your money, but I would highly recommend that you not purchase an Amazon Powered TV and root it. Amazon’s partners have finally started rolling out the Amazon Fire OS powered TV’s that were promoted at CES 2017. The systems support the same type of interface as the Fire TV boxes but have the entire thing integrated into the television as its primary operating system.

Why would you not want to root it?

The reasons are numerous:

  1. The operating system is the TV. If you fry an Amazon Fire TV box or stick you can get a new one for $100.00 or less. Would you want to replace an entire TV?
  2. Don’t expect Amazon’s customer service nor the manufacturer to care if you some how make your TV unusable because you tried to add Showbox or some content stealing APK to your TV. They were not designed with that in mind and the reps are not going to walk you through a fix.
  3. The TV’s work very well as designed. Buy it for what it is meant to do in the first place and enjoy the antenna integration and other features.
  4. It is so much easier to just integrate the features you want to add via inexpensive Android-powered devices than to go through the trouble of this kind of thing.
  5. You may disable features. Recent reports show that rooted Amazon Fire Boxes and sticks were unable to support HBO Now. If you intend to use it and other services you will be very disappointed.

Look. It’s not like I don’t understand what people are trying to accomplish with the rooting. It’s just that I also understand the sort of trouble you are making for yourself if you do so. Root cheap devices, buy rooted android boxes, heck skip the whole Fire TV system in general if all you want is APK’s. Amazon powered TV’s a are a great investment for those that want a stable TV that integrates Amazon media, high-quality streaming services, and OTA capabilities. We were blown away when we saw the sets in Las Vegas. Just don’t blow hundreds or more on something just to hack it.

(image taken from fire TV screen capture)

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    1. Wow. Just because someone says don’t break your operating system does not mean it is some conspiracy. But if you want to take it that way, go ahead and screw with the entire OS of the TV. Maybe load android on it or Linux. Just don’t go crying to me when it messes up everything.

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