Apple Music Announced At WWDC

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Apple’s One More Thing is focussed on Music. The service is an attempt to integrate streaming music, live radio and social interactions and marketing to give users a more personal way to organize and discover music. It is a direct assault on services like spotify and the pay version of Pandora.  First Free months are free afterwards it will cost $9.99 per month . Users can upgrade to a $14.99 options that supports 6 different profiles with separate playlists etc. Support for Android coming.

Update 2:54 Eastern Time
It appears that Apple will not launch a branded version of Beats music. It is instead launching a new music service that will be act as a monumental update for iTunes that combines an entire music ecosystem on to one app.

Update 2:55
Apple wants to provide a music service that will provide 24/7 radio.

“For You”
Personalized music lists based on your listening. The service has a Netflix like group of questions to help the users by culling their likes to help create playlists according to tastes.

A curated music service powered by people instead of algorithms. This option gives users a way to quickly access top songs, albums and music videos.

Beats 1 Live live 24 hour music station. This will come complete with live DJ’s from across the world.

Brings users closer to their favorite artists. The creators will be able to upload video, pictures and other materials to connect where fans can access it. This sort of cuts through the web of blogs and websites and let people jump right to their favorites.

Democratizing music
Support for independent artists, unsigned performers.

Siri Integration
Using Siri users can ask for specific music and have it cued up immediately. Ask for Summer of 69 and it plays. Ask for the Song from your favorite movie soundtrack and it will find it and play.